IRP Quick Fill Fuel System

The IRP Quick Fill Fuel System Kit is a fast, reliable, way to re-fuel your car, saving valuable time during those stressfull pit stops.

All components are high quality proudly made in the USA.

The kit consists of the following :

1- Machined Billet Receiver with a universal 3/8" clamp style mounting system.

1- High Quality Rubber Receiver top

1- LDPE 32oz. Bottle. ( Low Density Polyethylene ) this construction will resist hardening.

1- Machined Billet Fuel Tip. This is the tip on the bottle that inserts into the rubber receieve top of the Billet Receiver. The tip is custom machined for a perfect fit into the rubber receiever top.

1- Rubber Cap to seal the tip. This will prevent accidental spills if the bottle is knocked over, or dropped with fuel in the bottle

3- Brass 1/8" Barbed, threaded fittings,with rubber o-rings. 1 of these is used on the Billet receiver, the other 2 fittings are for the gas tank.

2 Feet of Tygon Fuel Line

Installation Instructions and Decals

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IRP Quick Fill Fuel System

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